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Interactive Literature
Windows PC Software
Short Story   Long Fiction  
Poetry Long and Short
Non-Fiction  Drama
Focus Literature

Computerized tests and study guides to help
                          your students understand short stories, novels,
                          poetry, drama and selected non-fiction works

Test Generator (Windows and Mac)
Windows PC Software

Language Arts      Social Studies    
Grammar and Business

                          Lots of time saving programs.  Quickly generate multiple choice,
                          short answer, long answer, quotation, true or false test with the
                          click of a mouse button.

Classroom Activity
Windows PC Software
Computerized exercises, drills, and games to help your
students practice and develop skills in grammar, spelling, and English usage


Literary Kits
Save yourself hours of prep work by using these kits filled
with internet resources, tests, graphics, worksheets, etc.
for Word and other word processors.

Scroll Saw Pattern Page
Come and get free educational patterns for cutting in wood or cardboard. 
and other patterns available.

Free Monthly Download

Concrete And Abstract Nouns For Windows PC (Click Here)

Have some learning fun in your classes and labs with this free software for Windows PC

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classroom libraries
exam generator
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julius caesar test generator
literary test generator
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literature test maker
macbeth test generator
quiz generator
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romeo and juliet test generator
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teacher plans
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