Selected Library of Secondary English Lesson Plans


It is always interesting to try some new approach to presenting literature, grammar, or writing projects to your classes.  In this spirit, we offer some lesson plans that we have designed for our classes and have worked out pretty well.  We thought you might like to try them.

Some of the plans on this page are presented in Wayne Rooney 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys Glen Johnson 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys Glen Johnson England Away Red Soccer Jerseys 2014 World Cup Glen Johnson Home White Jerseys Lionel Messi World Cup Soccer Jerseys 2014 Lionel Messi Argentina Home Blue/White Soccer Jerseys Lionel Messi Argentina Away Blue Soccer Jerseys Lionel Messi 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys cheap oakley sunglasses cheap oakley sunglasses outlet discount sale 70% off online louis vuitton outlet Adobe Acrobat Reader Format, known as  .PDF.  If you have the Reader already installed on your machine you will be able to read the document selected immediately.  If you do not have the reader, it is available for FREE from Adobe at     You can download the program and install it on your machine.  Since it is a very popular reading format it would be beneficial to do so.  Other lesson plans are in Microsoft Word 97 format.  If they do not load into your word processor, they might first have to be converted.

To read a plan, simply click on the link.  Some of the plans take a bit of time to load if you are using a slow connection, so please be patient.

Setting Up A Vocabulary Curriculum with Multiple Choice (PDF)
    Use this plan to set up a regimented set of vocabulary lessons, using the
    MultipleChoice Suite of programs.

Fast-paced Words and Phrases Puzzle Game (PDF)
    Introduce your kids to lots of common phrases -- and some that are not so
    common to them -- in this fast-paced game of words.  Good ice-breaker
     and extra credit activity.

"Don't forget to check out our fabulous collection of short story guides and test in software format.  Easy and attractive for kids to relate to.  They make great single projects for individuals who are having difficulty reading and they make great class projects, if you have a computer lab available."

Searching for Images In Poetry(PDF) 
    Students team up to report on their findings in this focused lesson

The Sonnet Challenge (PDF)
    If you are game for some excitement, try this on-the-board activity to indelibly    
    plant the characteristics of sonnets on the minds of your students.

Punners (PDF)
    Some people love puns and lots of words open the door to punning.  Show your
    kids a good time by creating vocabulary lists and use these puns in class.

Autograph Letter Writing Project (PDF)
    We have had great success with this project in our classes.  Students learn
    about request letter writing and can start a neat collection of autographs.  We
    received hundreds of responses.

Come and see what we have done with our NEW LESSON PLANNERS

WorksSheets for Short Story and Poetry Study (All In plain text format)
A Cup of Tea
A Slander
At Miss Havisham's
Beware of the Dog                  Come and Check Out Our Instant 
Difficulty With A Bouquet
God Sees the Truth
The Laugher
The Secret
Worksheets, Quizzes, Projects In Microsoft Word
Searching for Images In Poetry
Poetry Worksheet Project for Fist -- poem by Naomi Nye
To Kill A Mockingbird Vocabulary Quiz -- Gordy
LORE -- Vocabulary For The Raven
Fun Sheet of Misplaced Modifiers (Adjective, Adverb, etc.)
Our Town -- Worksheet (use with play or movie)

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